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Things to know before you rent a car for self-drive

Hiring a car rental service is a common part while traveling. But if you think the process would be simple and straightforward, then you need to change that misconception regarding car rentals. There are plenty of factors that you must ponder upon.  For example; you need to have proper insurance to cover any damage that occurs during the journey. You also need to refuel the car before returning it to the company. 

Apart from these, there are many questions which arise whenever we rent any car. This article tells us about things that we should do or avoid while considering a car rental service to make the travel experience free of trouble.

1. Use your credit card when renting a car

Using a credit card is necessary while you rent a car. You can also use the debit card, but few car rental services check customer’s credit score to ensure they can pay required charges. In case you use a credit card then you won’t have to pass through a credit score check.

2. Number of drivers should be less

If you plan a trip with some friends or family members, make sure that the number of people who will actually drive the car is kept to one or two. Even if most of them are older than 25, you will still be asked to pay a fee on who will drive the car. If the number of drivers is more you’ll need to pay more.

3. The car exterior must be checked before renting

It is vital to check the car before you hire it. The car may have some accidental scratches or dents which was actually caused by someone else who took the car before you and if unnoticed the car rental company may think you as liable for the damage. So before you head on your way, inspect the car thoroughly.

4. Choose right car insurance

If your own vehicle insurance covers car rental services then you don’t need to worry anymore. But if it doesn’t then you can purchase insurance that the car rental service offers.  Generally the insurance policy the rental services offer is little expensive. Anyway, if any accident takes place in a rental car it generally raises insurance rates whenever you make a claim on your own vehicle insurance policy.

5. Carefully choose the parking space

If you don’t want to be fined for parking the rental car in the wrong zone then it is important to inquire about the car parking regulations to the car rental representative. Every city has their own car parking system and you must know the basics of parking rules before starting the trip.

6. Refuel the tank before you return the car Soon after your trip is over, it’s time to drive back home. Most people do the same mistake of returning the car with an empty fuel tank. Though rental services can also refill it, they charge almost double than usual fuel prices in the market. It is better to refuel the tank yourself in order to save some bucks.

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