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Do you know how hot your car engine can become?

Every engine becomes hot during the operation and you must know that there is a limit to that. The owners or drivers of big cars who handle bigger engines must know the breaking point of them and approximately what is their breaking temperature. A little knowledge of these facts will help you to take care of the car while driving. We all know that 100% of the heat energy of the engine does not get converted to mechanical energy and the remaining unused energy is useless and it heats up the system.

Most people ask this question that exactly how much hot does a car engine becomes hot? Engine experts say that the figure is around 250 degrees Fahrenheit. This is exactly the temperature representing liquid coolant as the other components of the car like the exhaust valves become hotter than the above temperature. If neglected, it can become very serious. It can activate the cooling system to generate very high pressure. If the pressure in the cooling system increases, the coolant comes out of the pressure relief valve and flows in the radiator cap. If the parts like the radiator cap and the hoses are not so heavy and strong, they will not be in a position to handle that extreme pressure of the coolant.

If the temperature of the engine reaches 300 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, the spark plugs will stop working and the engine will start malfunctioning. Because of this, the engine will stop working.

If you still drive the car with the overheated engine, it may crack some of the important internal parts like the engine block or the cylinder head. Overheating of the engine may happen due to driving under the scorching heat of the sun or driving keeping the AC in maximum cool settings.

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